April 4, 2019

5 Great Things that Happen When You Write a Business Book

By Ella Wilson

writing a business book
Writing a business book is a great way to bolster your expertise and the reputation of your business.

You’re great at what you do. You’re killing it in your business. Why not share your expertise with the world by writing a business book?

You’re probably not going to make it to the NYT bestsellers list, because most authors don’t. But that’s not why you’d want to write a business book in the first place. But what IS going to happen is that your business and your brand will reap the benefits of being associated with a published author.

“But I’m not a writer”

That’s what ghostwriters are for. Any good ghostwriter should be able to massage your ideas into something comprehendible, then write in a way that captures your audience. Do you really think every marketing, leadership, and business guru you’re into is also a talented wordsmith? Do some people just get more than their fair share of talent from the talent fairy? No. More than likely, a ghostwriter helped them write those books because nobody is good at everything.

Benefits of writing a business book

 In addition to the intrinsic benefits of writing a business book, such as being able to say you’ve accomplished something that’s on hundreds of thousands of people’s bucket lists, you’ll see a ton of real, tangible benefits, too. Here are just a few.

You automatically get a bump in credibility when you write a book

When you have your name on a book, it automatically makes people think you’re smarter or more of an expert than they would have before (and maybe more than you actually are). Maybe it’s leftovers from ye olden days of yore when it was practically impossible to buy (much less write) a book, but people still look at books with reverence – and their authors as repositories of knowledge and wisdom.

Your business experiences the “halo effect”

When you become an author of a business book, your company suddenly becomes the honorary birthplace of all your great ideas (even if it’s not). It’s the think tank every reader wants to be a part or … or hire. Needless to say, this is good for your bottom line.

Your book brings in new business

Every blog post, Facebook update, Google ad, book review, or in-store signing you do for your book is an opportunity to bring in new customers to your business. Not to mention new opportunities you get like…

You can book more speaking engagements

When you write a book, suddenly, people think you’re an expert (see item 1). And that leads to more speaking engagements, guest spots on podcasts, etc. Each one of those is a chance to spread your company’s brand in addition to selling your ideas and your book.

You feel like a million bucks

Let me tell you, it never gets old, seeing your byline. There’s something magical about passing on your knowledge, humor, and thoughts to the world.

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