5 Ways to get meaningful social media followers

By Ella Wilson

meaningful social media connections
When it comes to social media connections, quality counts.


There’s a misconception about small business social media accounts. Too often, business owners will look at their accounts and cheer “Look at all these followers!” thinking they’re winning the social game. But if sales aren’t increasing along with their number of “likes” and followers, they’re stuck wondering what they’re doing wrong. The problem is that they have lots of followers, but those followers aren’t actually meaningful.

Here’s what I mean. If you’re a B2C business page with 700 “likes” or followers, and most of those are people who own similar businesses, Nigerian princes, lonely housewives looking for a good time, or regular people who liked one post but don’t ever have a need for your product – you’re not going to see your sales numbers increase.

If you want your actual sales to increase along with your number of followers, you’re going to need to make meaningful social connections.

What are meaningful social media followers?

What makes a social media connection meaningful is that the person is actually interested in your brand and can help you grow your business. I follow all kinds of people on Facebook, like Tony Robbins, Mindvalley and Africa Travel, Inc. But am I ever going to pluck down thousands of dollars to buy one of their products? Probably not. I am not a meaningful connection for those brands.

I AM a meaningful connection for my local candle shop, because when they post a great sale, I come in and buy something. I am a meaningful connection to The Rookie Sailor because I share their posts nearly every day. (Check them out if you have dreams of leaving your desk job and becoming a pirate.) I am a meaningful connection to Mr. Money Mustache because I consume and share his content religiously, and if he ever came out with a paid product you bet your money-saving butt I would buy it.

Meaningful connections help you, and you help them. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

So how do you get more meaningful social media connections?

It takes a bit more work to make good social media connections just like it takes a bit more work to make high-quality friends or network connections. (Meaningful social media connections are like the combination of the two).

Here are 5 ways to gain more meaningful connections on social media

Comment on the right people’s posts  – The basic premise of this idea comes from Gary Vaynerchuk’s $1.80 a Day strategy. With $1.80 a day, you put your “2 cents” in on nine posts/communities every day = $1.80. Pick communities where you think the members are also your target audience. For example, if you sell fitness coaching, you might want to comment on posts from a natural food store or fitness gear retailer. By commenting on those posts, you are putting yourself in front of their followers for free, in a natural way that’s less invasive than an ad. Don’t interact with posts from your direct competitors – that’s just bad taste.

Tag influencers in your own posts – By “influencers,” I don’t mean one of the Kardashians. I mean people who are active and have lots of followers in the general market you’re trying to break into. It’s the twin sister of the suggestion above, but instead of commenting on their post, you tag them in yours. Make sure what you are doing seems natural, is useful, and there is a legitimate reason to be tagging them. For example, you could repost something from their page and add in the text “This article from @SocksAreNotForBreakfast got us thinking that YES, we’ll never wear socks to the breakfast table again.”

Get your customers to follow you on social media – A satisfied customer is the best advertising. No matter what you sell, people that love your product are most likely to share your content, purchase repeatedly, and shout your brand on social media. Sometimes getting a customer to follow you on social media is as easy as asking. Maybe you can grease the wheels by offering social-only sales, giveaways and discounts.

Use the right hashtags – Every Twitter and Instagram post should have at least 5 hashtags. You can use up to 30, but that can look spammy. What’s important here is to make sure your hashtags are directed not at the largest audience, but at the audience you’re trying to reach. For example, if you’re a meditation teacher in Scottsdale, Ariz., the hashtag #meditation is good, but the hashtags #meditationScottsdale or #desertmeditation is better. There are plenty of online search tools to help you choose the most active hashtags for your target audience.

Join the right Facebook groups and participate, not sell – Find Facebook groups that relate to your industry and participate in them. Don’t spam everybody with sales info! Just be your personable, insightful self, and connections will eventually want to see what else you have to say on your own page.

Need help getting more followers?

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