May 20, 2019

Your customers probably think your emails are spam

By Ella Wilson

do your customers think your emails are spam?
There’s a really good chance that your customers think your emails are spam. Are you using your contacts respectfully?

You’d NEVER send spam, right? You’re a stand-up brand, with a great product, and you CARE about your customers. You’re not even on the same planet as those idiots who want you to buy Viagra and Make $$$ Fast Online.

That’s what you think.

Your customers think your emails are spam … more than likely 

Yes, even if they signed up for your newsletter to clicked “accept” to your terms and conditions, if they’re getting emails regularly from you that aren’t relevant to them – in their eyes, it’s spam.

Personalization is about content, not pasting in a name

When the ability to put someone’s name and a few details into emails first came out, we all thought it was amazing. So did consumers. But that was a million years ago in internet marketing years.

Today, true personalization – the type that delivers the RIGHT content to the RIGHT people – is what customers expect.

What they want is all that matters 

Reading emails from you is the last possible thing on everyone’s to-do list. The ONLY thing people will stop their busy day for is something they truly want. And what they want can be determined by their pain points, behavior, and interests.

For example, if you sell your main product because it makes life more convenient, you should also tailor your email marketing knowing that the people who buy it are big believers in convenience. Is it convenient to read an email from a company every day? No. Is it convenient to have very short emails only when there’s a big event or sale happening? Yes.

  • Simply put, your emails are spam if they:
  • Are too frequent – Once a day or more is completely insane. Some people don’t even talk to their spouses that often.
  • Offer little to no value – Asking someone to buy the same thing over and over in the same way is not value, its annoying.
  • Ask for things too often – No, no one wants to refer their friends or give you a new review every week. Or every month. Ask for favors sparingly.

Once a spammer, always a spammer

Imagine one of your contacts looking at her inbox. She sees your email subject line. It looks like something she wants to check out, so she opens up her mind and gets the teensiest bit excited about what she might find. But then … it’s another long-winded sales pitch. She just wasted her finite time and world-weary enthusiasm to be disappointed … by you.

Hurts, doesn’t it?

And now, she’s going to be 10X less likely to ever open one of your emails again. To her, your “crap email fiasco” is like finding out a good friend lied – she’ll never REALLY trust them again, no matter how much they apologize.

Do not squander the trust your contacts put in you when they give you their email address! Use it wisely and with respect … or else.

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