By Internet Marketing

How do you create an automated platform for immigration clients at a law firm, when nearly half of them don’t even have email addresses? Listen as longtime GetUWired customer (and visionary developer/problem-solver) Chris Austin of Practice Boom takes us through a complicated maze—and turns it into a working solution.

  • 3:35 – “You can really unlock a lot of potential when you use the API.” On expert developers and how they create innovative solutions.
  • 6:40 – “The target market is largely Spanish speaking, and they don’t necessarily have an email address – presenting challenges. So, we started sending out direct mail updates in addition to emails where we had them, and almost instantly complaints dropped, client satisfaction went up really high…and we started getting referrals.” On the challenges and opportunities of supplementing an email-dependent platform to communicate with clients.
  • 17:00 – “They really focused on a narrow set of things, and drove their marketing messages, Facebook activity, blog articles [in a way that could be] very focused on one thing.” Harnessing the power of integrated marketing automation.
  • 18:35 – “A lot of times they can’t pay the entire amount right then and there, but they do want to get started on their case. We don’t want finances to be a barrier.” On how to empower customers who need a versatile payment structure.
  • 39:00 – “I only know the stuff I know because I’ve hit myself in the head so many times with a 2×4. There’s nothing magic about me, I’ve just been doing it a long time.” On the learning curve that everyone has to experience.
  • “It kind of goes back to specialization…I just realized that I couldn’t do it all, and the client’s needs were growing so large, I felt like I really needed a team.” On taking work outside of your own DIY experience and bringing in an agency.

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