By Internet Marketing

In this video our own Dobbin Buck is interviewed by Digital Marketer’s Marcus Murphy – telling our story from its humble beginnings – and why it’s critical to choose the right people to grow along with you.

  • 2:30 “Talent’s an important factor. Recruitment and hiring the right people has been a really important part of how we’ve been able to scale as an agency.” How GetUWired flourishes, despite being in the remote back woods of Georgia.
  • 4:20 – “We have a college nearby in the town of Dahlonega called University of North Georgia, and we recruit probably around 80% of our talent from there—and then we have pretty robust training and mentorship programs.” On how we find great talent.
  • 12:08 – “The most expensive thing I think we can do is to hire the wrong person…it’s traumatic, especially in a close-knit culture, when people are coming and going all the time. Why it’s so important to take the time to hire the right people.
  • 13:00 “I think it’s even more important to have trust with your core group.” Leadership’s focus on taking care of the tribe.
  • 24:12 “I personally conduct that course and it has been absolutely incredible…it’s about reframing the mindset of young people and relieving their workspace stress and anxiety.” On mindset meditation training at the cabin.

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