By Internet Marketing

Which social media platforms are the best for pitches and conversions of premium events and memberships? How can your business use them successfully and economically to drive participation and attendance? Dobbin talks with Nick Markulis, Director of Marketing at DEO Dental Group, to swap insights on event marketing via social media and more.

  • 16:30 – Selling premium events as your product
  • 18:00 – Nick’s favorite conversion channels (and why)
  • 21:15 – How to weed through the noise on Facebook with funnels
  • 25:00 – Why videos should be at the top of your funnel
  • 38:00 – What made DEO choose GetUWired as a smart marketing tactic

The DEO is a peer-to-peer membership community of growth-minded dentist entrepreneurs working toward expanding their group practices. Learn more at www.deodentalgroup.com.

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