By Internet Marketing

At GetUWired, the Cabin has always been our home—until shelter-in-place orders went into effect last month. Since then, we’re transformed into a work-from-home culture, with a whole range of creative work space solutions and survival tactics. We asked our tribe to give us a glimpse of their spaces—and to share some of their own “pandemic best practices.”

  • :56 – The world’s coolest adjustable desk
  • 2:55 – A tour of the infamous Loebick Lodge
  • 7:15 – The lure of outdoor projects
  • 8:00 – An amazing array of hockey memorabilia
  • 10:25 – Meet Rocky the Racoon
  • 13:00 – Netflix binges
  • 16:35 – Working parent tips
  • 18:15 – Indoor golfing
  • 21:00 – Music studios
  • 23:15 – Indoor exercise with client products
  • 24:30 – Working from a tiny home (and learning to play mandolin)

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