August 19, 2020


By Internet Marketing

GetUWired’s John Crocker and David Quinones, who both serve critical roles on our Business Development Team, talk with Dobbin about our customers’ small business success with Infusionsoft marketing automation tools.

  •   6:00 – How John and David have weathered the business development storm that is our world here at GetUWired.
  •   9:20 – David on how we identify customer pain points, and then match our solutions in a way that makes that first call more effective.
  •   14:45 – Dobbin on being 100% intentional and in alignment with our core values.
  •   17:00 – John on the fun and fascinating work of learning entirely new industries on the fly.
  •   31:00– John on how GetUWired is uniquely equipped to continue working during the pandemic without missing a beat.

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