• Company Culture | AUGUST 28, 2019

    5 Warning Signs of a Toxic Workplace Culture

    Companies live and die by their workplace culture. If going into work ever felt like walking to the gallows, you know that’s true. But beware – “Company Culture” is a big fancy...

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  • Small Business Web Marketing Training | AUGUST 22, 2019

    Why Kohl’s decision to team up with Amazon is business in 3019

    What’s a poor little national corporation like Kohl’s to do when it comes up against the Goliath Amazon, who’s slashing-and-burning through other retailers like Daenerys’ dragons? When...

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  • small business marketing | JUNE 4, 2019

    5 Hard questions to ask yourself before making your hobby a full-time job

    Sitting in your cubicle, daydreaming about the bakery you want to open or the charter fishing boat you want to captain? Before you turn your pastime into your full-time, here are some hard...

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  • small business marketing | MAY 27, 2019

    Presenteeism is the threat to your company you can’t see

    “Butts in Seats” is the old-style, classroom-roll-call way to make sure your employees are on task and productive. But that system misses out on the insidious threat to your company’s...

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  • small business marketing | MAY 13, 2019

    5 Marketing mistakes small business owners make when they’re first starting out

    Most small business owners start out doing their own marketing before they call in a professional marketing agency like GetUWired. If you are a small business owner doing your own marketing,...

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  • small business marketing | APRIL 18, 2019

    How to find the right social media influencers for your small business

    If you think you’re too small of a business to hire a social media influencer, you are very, very wrong. Influencers are a big part of marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes, from...

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  • Small Business Web Marketing Training | APRIL 11, 2019

    5 Ways to get meaningful social media followers

      There’s a misconception about small business social media accounts. Too often, business owners will look at their accounts and cheer “Look at all these followers!” thinking...

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  • small business marketing | APRIL 4, 2019

    5 Great Things that Happen When You Write a Business Book

    You’re great at what you do. You’re killing it in your business. Why not share your expertise with the world by writing a business book? You’re probably not going to make it to the...

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  • Infusionsoft | MARCH 27, 2019

    Keap: The perfect CRM for service providers

    Ever wonder about those people who drive great big SUVs or teeny little 2-seater smart cars? Why do they need so much (or so little) room? CRM software is the same. There is no...

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