• small business marketing | MARCH 20, 2019

    5 Reasons to get rid of traditional job titles

    We strive for them. We fight for them. We loathe them and long for them. But have you ever considered that maybe we don’t need them at all? A new wave of businesses are getting rid of...

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  • small business marketing | MARCH 1, 2019

    Marketing to Generation Z – The “Always On” Generation

    Just when you thought you had marketing to millennials all figured out, here comes Generation Z. Generation Z is the youngest group of consumers to hit the market, and they will be the largest...

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  • small business marketing | FEBRUARY 15, 2019

    7 Reasons entrepreneurs don’t keep their New Year’s resolutions

    As an entrepreneur or business owner, you know a thing or two about setting and achieving goals. But on those times when you just can’t seem to hit the mark, it’s frustrating to not know...

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  • small business marketing | FEBRUARY 4, 2019

    7 Valentine’s Day marketing ideas that will get your brand showered with love

    What better time to show your customers some love than around Valentine’s Day? It’s the holiday of love, and if you want to romance your beloved clients, we’ve got some great ideas to...

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  • Infusionsoft | FEBRUARY 1, 2019

    I have Infusionsoft – Will the change to Keap affect me?

      If you’re a current user of Infusionsoft, hearing about the company changing its name to Keap and offering a new product may have filled you with doubt. Will you still be able to use...

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  • Infusionsoft | JANUARY 31, 2019

    What is Keap?

      If you’re an Infusionsoft user, you’ve probably heard by now about Infusionsoft changing its name to Keap. But what does that mean for you? What exactly IS Keap?

    Keap is the new...

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  • Infusionsoft | JANUARY 30, 2019

    Infusionsoft vs. Keap – Comparison

    Yesterday, Infusionsoft officially launched its new name and product – Keap!

    Die-hard Infusionsoft fans, don’t fret. The Infusionsoft you already know and love isn’t going anywhere....

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  • Infusionsoft | JANUARY 29, 2019

    Infusionsoft is now Keap

    Exciting news – Infusionsoft, the CRM software you know and love, the one that’s transformed your business – now has a new name. Infusionsoft is now Keap.

    Why is Infusionsoft changing...

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  • small business marketing | JANUARY 28, 2019

    5 Word of mouth marketing strategies to get your customers talking

    Word of mouth marketing has been called the most valuable form of marketing because it drives results in ways no other metric can match. Word of mouth marketing is simply getting people to...

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  • Company Fun | JANUARY 20, 2019

    Laura Burruss “Uh, I mean Laura Garrett” is January’s Employee of the Month

    We can’t remember her new last name, but we all know that we simply couldn’t live without Laura Garrett, our resident Infusionsoft Training Team manager. That’s why she’s our very...

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