• small business marketing | JANUARY 10, 2019

    2019 Marketing trends to watch for

    Good riddance, 2018. Let’s all just pretend that didn’t happen and look TO THE FUTURE! 2019 is here, and marketing is going to be just as fast-moving as ever. Just when you thought you...

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  • small business marketing | JANUARY 3, 2019

    Should companies take a stand on social issues?

    In the political dumpster fire that is American life in 2018, you’ve probably got an opinion on gun control, refugees, climate change, and #MeToo that gets you yelled at during Thanksgiving...

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  • Company Fun | DECEMBER 20, 2018

    6 “Big Picture” Reasons to Embrace Telecommuting

    Here at GetUWired, we embraced telecommuting way back in our early days. Yes, we have an office and yes, most people work there every day, but forcing people to be in the office 9 hours a day...

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  • Company Fun | DECEMBER 14, 2018

    MARKETRON Movie Recommendations from Employee of the Month Zach Wallace

    Marketing Strategist Zach Wallace, better known as MARKETRON, is not just our December employee of the month. He’s also our resident movie master. He’s spent more nearly 10,000 hours of...

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  • Company Fun | Small Business Web Marketing Training | DECEMBER 11, 2018

    10 Fun, thoughtful gifts for every personality on your team

    It’s that time of year again! The Season of Giving is upon us, and though bonus checks are great, there’s something about an actual gift (that doesn’t just get spent on bills) that brings a...

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  • Company Culture | Company Fun | DECEMBER 5, 2018

    GetUWired named one of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work for 2019

    GetUWired is proud to announce that we’ve been chosen as one of the Best Places to Work for 2019 by Glassdoor. This award is part of Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice Awards program, and the...

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  • Company Culture | DECEMBER 3, 2018

    Should I let my staff work remotely?

    Wondering if you should finally jump on the bandwagon and let your staff work remotely? Nearly 43% of the American workforce does at least some of its work remotely, so unlike being the first...

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  • small business marketing | NOVEMBER 27, 2018

    How to get news coverage for your small business

    Buy all the ads you want, sometimes the best way to spread your small business’ message is to have someone else spread it for you. Getting news coverage for your small business  – whether...

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  • Company Fun | NOVEMBER 14, 2018

    Employee of the Month Bobby Valentine might be a superhero

    Project Manager Bobby Valentine is, quite simply, superhuman. Awesome. Uplifting. Calm and considerate. And he’s amazing to work with – both for our clients and his coworkers. Which is why...

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  • small business marketing | NOVEMBER 7, 2018

    Copywriting for Small Businesses – What to know before hiring a copywriter

    Small business owners have always been my favorite people to do copywriting for. They’re always so excited about what they do, which gets ME excited about what they do, and that makes my job...

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