• Small Business Online Marketing | OCTOBER 5, 2017

    The 7 steps to a great social media giveaway

    Let’s talk about social media giveaways and sweepstakes - everyone likes free stuff, right? Right! You can host a giveaway or sweepstakes on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even...

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  • small business marketing | Small Business Online Marketing | SEPTEMBER 29, 2017

    What is a Hashtag and How Do You Use Them?

    hashtag It's the classic question: pound sign, or hashtag? Depending on whether you are dialing into a conference call or posting that cute pick of your doggo on Instagram, it could be one or the...

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  • Small Business Web Marketing Training | SEPTEMBER 18, 2017

    Tips and Tools for Excellent Content Curation

    laptop on instagramContent curation - the bane of many marketing professionals. Content curation can be a challenge, time-consuming, and at times difficult to maintain - but it doesn’t have to be! Understanding...

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  • Content Marketing | small business marketing | SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

    How you can Leverage Paid Content vs. Organic Content

    Now that you understand more about your audiences and how to develop them, let’s dive into increasing your audience's engagement. We’ve all heard the terms used before: paid content and...

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