• Content Marketing | AUGUST 15, 2018

    Let’s talk about the terrible newsletter from my power company

    Your inbox probably has a company newsletter in it right now. Are you excited to open it? Probably not. While there are some companies out there that are kicking @#$ with their newsletters,...

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  • Content Marketing | Email Marketing | Infusionsoft | OCTOBER 9, 2017

    5 Tricks to Better-Converting Email Marketing Campaigns

    You’re spending good money on Infusionsoft. And you know how powerful marketing automation can be. But your email marketing campaigns aren’t converting like you’d hoped. Why? Could be...

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  • Content Marketing | small business marketing | SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

    How you can Leverage Paid Content vs. Organic Content

    Now that you understand more about your audiences and how to develop them, let’s dive into increasing your audience's engagement. We’ve all heard the terms used before: paid content and...

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  • Content Marketing | small business marketing | SEPTEMBER 6, 2017

    Write Like You Speak – Conversing with Your Target Audience

    When it comes to getting your target audience’s attention, speaking to them in a voice they recognize – their own - is a huge part of the conversion equation. When I train people who want...

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  • Content Marketing | APRIL 13, 2016

    Should you hire a website copywriter for your small business website?

    small business website copywriter Putting together a website for your small business and wondering if you should hire a website copywriter? I work with lots of clients who tell me “We’re going to supply the copy, you guys...

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  • Content Marketing | APRIL 6, 2016

    7 Types of Content Only a Small Business Copywriter Should Tackle

    The idea of writing something other people will read -- especially the public -- makes most people shake in their desk chairs. Small business owners are no exception. In some situations, that...

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  • Content Marketing | MARCH 23, 2016

    Copywriting brain hacks that supercharge your small business content marketing

    small business content marketing Sales is, at its heart, the art of human connection. To make people open their wallets and purchase your product, you don’t have to have a great product. You just have to be a great...

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  • Content Marketing | Email Marketing | Infusionsoft | Marketing automation | small business marketing | Website Design | FEBRUARY 2, 2016

    IKEA sales tricks to use in your small business digital marketing

    ikea small business digital marketing IKEA. You can’t escape that place without buying at least one or two fancifully foreign-named products, can you? From meatballs to mattresses, IKEA’s got some no-fail tricks to getting...

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  • Content Marketing | Email Marketing | small business marketing | DECEMBER 23, 2015

    6 Marketing Mind Hacks To Sway Your Prospects

    Marketing is the art of persuasion. When it comes right down to it, marketing uses words and pictures to get your customers to (hopefully) take some action. Without a doubt, it’s a difficult...

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  • Content Marketing | creativity and writer's block | Email Marketing | NOVEMBER 2, 2015

    Creativity Triggers that Kill Writer’s Block for Blog Writers

    When you’re a full-time writer who’s trying to pump out interesting content 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, creativity stops being “fun and artsy." It becomes drudgery if you don’t know...

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