• Content Marketing | Email Marketing | Infusionsoft | Marketing automation | small business marketing | Website Design | FEBRUARY 2, 2016

    IKEA sales tricks to use in your small business digital marketing

    ikea small business digital marketing IKEA. You can’t escape that place without buying at least one or two fancifully foreign-named products, can you? From meatballs to mattresses, IKEA’s got some no-fail tricks to getting...

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  • marketing automation testimonial

    Company Fun | Email Marketing | Infusionsoft | Marketing automation | DECEMBER 17, 2015

    Seriously awesome marketing automation testimonial from Nat Wallen!

    GetUWired Project Showcase Video from Nat Wallen on Vimeo. My goodness gracious. We just got one whopper of a marketing automation testimonial video from our client Nat Wallen, a Realtor...

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  • case studies | Infusionsoft | Marketing automation | DECEMBER 10, 2015

    Taking the Pressure off Atlanta Compressor: A marketing automation miracle just in time for Christmas

    Atlanta Compressor came to us in May needing a pressure valve to release the stress on their business. Atlanta Compressor sells and services air compressors. Not the kind you fill up tires...

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  • Marketing automation | small business marketing | small business marketing automation | OCTOBER 6, 2015

    3 Ways Small Businesses Screw Up Their Marketing Automation

    Marketing automation is a powerhouse efficiency and conversion booster when you know how to use it. Unfortunately, too many small businesses do not. Check out this list of ways that small...

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  • Content Marketing | internet marketing terms | Marketing automation | SEPTEMBER 29, 2015

    Internet Marketing Terms Entrepreneurs Need to Know Now

    Entrepreneurs and small business owners – Are you ready to be an expert on your own internet marketing? Step one is learning the lingo. Here are some internet marketing terms you need to...

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  • Infusionsoft | Marketing automation | marketing automation best practices | SEPTEMBER 22, 2015

    8 Marketing Automation Best Practices That Increase Your ROI

    When used correctly, marketing automation is an incredibly powerful tool for building brand recognition, customer loyalty, and conversions. But if you want it to work, you’ve got to do it...

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  • Marketing automation | Money-saving tips for entrepreneurs | small business marketing | SEPTEMBER 1, 2015

    4 Money-saving tips for entrepreneurs who need marketing on a budget

    Starting a business on a shoestring budget? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re probably pinching pennies like a pro in the process of getting your business off the ground. One...

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  • Company Fun | employee of the month | Marketing automation | AUGUST 10, 2015

    James-of-all-Trades Wall is GetUWired’s August Employee of the Month: From marketing automation to engineering to project management, James does it all!

    This month, everyone’s favorite Jack-of-all-Trades, James Wall, has been singled out for his stellar performance as a, well, everything in this office. From marketing automation to engineering...

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