• small business marketing | small business website design | Website Design | NOVEMBER 28, 2016

    7 Tips to keep your small business website off the Naughty List this Christmas

      small business website If your small business website is sure to get a stocking full of coal this Christmas, here are 7 changes you can make to get it in tip-top shape for the holiday shopping season and...

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  • Website Design | AUGUST 3, 2016

    In defense of browsing: Is your search function actually losing online sales?

    I was on a particular presidential candidate’s website yesterday looking to buy some memorabilia. I’m not a particular fan of this person (I’m gonna buy some things from both...

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  • Website Design | MARCH 8, 2016

    Don’t panic – Your small business website is just a conversation with your clients

    small business website conversation Would you believe that it’s not rocket science to have a great small business website? It’s true! Too often, people make awful websites (and there are PLENTY of terrible websites out...

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  • Content Marketing | Email Marketing | Infusionsoft | Marketing automation | small business marketing | Website Design | FEBRUARY 2, 2016

    IKEA sales tricks to use in your small business digital marketing

    ikea small business digital marketing IKEA. You can’t escape that place without buying at least one or two fancifully foreign-named products, can you? From meatballs to mattresses, IKEA’s got some no-fail tricks to getting...

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  • Website Design | DECEMBER 3, 2015

    5 Tips to Get Your Small Business Website Ready for Holiday Shoppers

    Black Friday is behind us now, and some shocking statistics have made it painfully obvious that online shopping is taking over as the holiday buying weapon of choice. That means in the busiest...

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  • case studies | small business marketing | Website Design | SEPTEMBER 16, 2015

    Case Study: Virtuance — It’s all about user experience

    If you had visited our office on September 2, you would have heard “Virtuance is live!” cheered through the office. The Virtuance website is a “big mamma jamma” that we went above and...

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  • Content Marketing | small business marketing | Website Design | SEPTEMBER 15, 2015

    10 Tips for a Better Small Business Website Layout

    When it’s time to redesign your out-of-date website, your options can seem overwhelming. Here are 10 tips for a better small business website layout that are right on the money (and will...

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  • landing page tips | small business marketing | Website Design | JULY 21, 2015

    I like big buttons and I cannot lie: 5 tips to make your landing page stick out

    Oh my God, Becky, look at her landing page. It is SO boring. It’s looks like one of those spam guys' websites … Your landing page is the last step before your lead takes action:...

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  • case studies | Marketing automation | Website Design | JULY 2, 2015

    GetUWired Client Spotlight: McCormack Media – Marketing automation at its best

    Good advice runs in the family

    In 2012, Tracey McCormack, founder and president of McCormack Media Services, came to GetUWired on a recommendation from her dad. He was an Infusionsoft user (her...
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  • Company Fun | employee of the month | Website Design | JUNE 17, 2015

    Engineer Thomas Pirkle named GetUWired’s Employee of the Month

    When our clients ask, we answer. This month, that client was McCormack Media. And the answer was Thomas Pirkle – GetUWired’s June Employee of the Month. Thomas earned June’s Employee...

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